Homily Dec 16. 2018

Each of Our three readings call for us to exult, be glad, fear not, because God has removed judgment against you, in fact it says the Lord, the king of Israel is in your midst, he renews you in his love, he will sing joyfully because of you.

Who is this God who is so happy over you? Try to believe this, because so many things can get in the way of this reality.  Fear not, be not discouraged.  Is there a fear or pain that you can name, which you would like to hand over to this God who so pleased,with you? Or What really rules your day to day life? Is it the pressure of work, the needs of the family, your desire for comfort, use or misuse of medications, worry, or God? Outside of prayer and Holy Communion, where are you aware of the presence of God?

We live in very troubled times, how can we rejoice when we read about a 7 year old dying at our border, or reading in a Christmas note of a friend having a serious illness.  Check you faith and prayer life to see if they are strong enough to overcome your deepest fears. Paul tells us, the Lord is near, in everything by prayer ,are your requests known to God.  Then peace will guard your heart and mind.

You have been baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire. Can you lay claim to the fire of Jesus' influence on you? He is at work night and day to bring you hope in the midst of all you go through each day. Let his fire ignite your faith.  Reflect on what ways God is offering you good news, the gospel perspective, to celebrate Christmas deeply.

Fr. Jim


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