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Is it Christmas Already? Well, yes, it is.However, the celebration has been going on - for let's not fool ourselves - we have been celebrating His birth for weeks: office parties, friends meeting together since Thanksgiving before going 'home' for traditional family gatherings. Finally close family and friends join this weekend and maybe all next week to unite, to remember former holidays, to renew what Christ has been doing all the years of our lives: that He is reminding us that He is one in and with us. Our parish family has also been gathering for weeks: we celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe, then Posadas, (and fresh tostadas!) as well as the Filipino Christmas novena of Simbang Gabi, when Bishop Salazar came to our annual event last week. Now is it YOUR and your family's time to acknowledge and recognize who Christ is for you and yours. Let's start with you.You are, and have been, busy about all the others in your life.STOP now.You are also, you are even more(?) im…