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Homily Dec 16. 2018
Each of Our three readings call for us to exult, be glad, fear not, because God has removed judgment against you, in fact it says the Lord, the king of Israel is in your midst, he renews you in his love, he will sing joyfully because of you.

Who is this God who is so happy over you? Try to believe this, because so many things can get in the way of this reality.  Fear not, be not discouraged.  Is there a fear or pain that you can name, which you would like to hand over to this God who so pleased,with you? Or What really rules your day to day life? Is it the pressure of work, the needs of the family, your desire for comfort, use or misuse of medications, worry, or God? Outside of prayer and Holy Communion, where are you aware of the presence of God?

We live in very troubled times, how can we rejoice when we read about a 7 year old dying at our border, or reading in a Christmas note of a friend having a serious illness.  Check you faith and prayer life to see if they ar…
Homily 2nd Sunday Advent.
Take off your robe of mourning and misery, put on the splendor of glory “from God,” wrap yourself in justice “from God.” God will show all the earth your splendor, so look to the East and see your children from east to west gathered by the Holy One. 
What a great message from the prophet for these people returning from years of exile.
God is leading His people in joy, with mercy and justice for company.   

We just spent a month remembering our deceased loved ones, now is the time to take off that robe and put on cloak of hope and expectation. 
Isn't this the right time in your life to decide to leave grief behind and to move on, to look east to experience a new sunrise? As the days will soon get longer, our hope increases and as Christmas nears our joy leads us to being grateful, for we have come through much already input lives.  Think for a moment on what you are grateful for .... Don't you experience great happiness just remembering all that!

The scriptu…