Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fr. Jim's homily for December 18

The first and third readings today feature two men who give very different responses to God's messenger.  To King Ahaz God sent the prophet Isaiah but Ahaz would listen to him, he feigned humility, his whole reign was spent ignoring the law of God. Interesting to note that his wife was a very young woman, their child was named Emmanuel. To Joseph who was going to divorce is wife, God used an angel sent in his dream.  Upon waking Joseph followed what the angel saidand took Mary into his home. Both responded from their history of handling God's grace.

How is God speaking to us this week before the anniversary of His Son's birth?  How is God asking you to enter into His dream for the world? Maybe he is urging you to look seriously at the growing homelessness and work to find solutions. Maybe he is sending you a message to work hard at building family relationships over the next several weeks, rather than to stir things up.

For Ahaz his choices were all about what was good for him, and his ability to control. For Joseph his decisions were about what was good for his wife and family, and ultimately, for us.  Only you know what is going on within you.  However, you can make the decision right now at Mass how you want to respond to the grace God gives you to make the best moral choices possible.

We are free, we can respond many different ways.  What is His dream for you to follow?  Talk with him now, enter into His world, as we celebrate his entry into ours.