Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18 homily

The unjust steward is commended for being prudent, clever, creative, enterprising. Do you and I take our Catholic faith for granted? We do when we don’t live it. God often brings good out of evil. Here in the Gospel He is praising the ingenuity of a trusted man who is cheating his boss. 

Doesn't the steward represent all of us fallen human beings? Yet, were we to put the same energy into how creative we can be in helping another, in assisting the less fortunate, in educating others, in truly forgiving those who cheat us, how Christ-like that would be! We would be bringing this Gospel to life, for we would be taking what spiritual insights we have from our relationship with Christ, and sharing that with the people we meet, helping them to realize that Christ dwells within them also. 

That spirituality would be living out the Incarnational truth that Christ, whom we promised to follow, uses the likes of us to bring His salvation, his hope, his forgiveness to our world. That’s continuing the Incarnation today – making Christ present. 

The parable is urging us to apply similar attention to our spiritual life, we do it by seeing Christ and identifying him with the suffering, the poor, the others in our sphere of influence. It is The Little Flower's approach to the interior life. 

God's concern for all of us is grounded in the humanity that we all share, just as His Son shares our humanity. He sent Him here to become a human, like us that He might see and love in us what He sees and loves in Christ. 

In today's Gospel, to cheat another is to cheat the Lord, treating our neighbor badly could even turn that person away from God's love and mercy - what a terrible sin that would be! Jesus' common humanity with us requires us to treat everyone with respect, even the unjust, and you and I know how hard that is. Jesus never said it would be easy, but that he would be with us, sending the spirit to help us. 

It might be good for us to meditate on how God is using you to make Him present among the people you know. Let’s ask ourselves how he can use our treasures of faith, our unique relationship with Him, more productively for the kingdom.  

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