Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fr, Jim's Homily for September 25

Here at OMGC we have one of the most active SVDP societies in the Archdiocese. Let me say again, our SVDP group is one of the most active in reaching out to the poor. You are familiar with the hot lunch we provide not on paper plates, but on China, and served to hungry people on the last Saturday of every month.  But are you aware that there are at least 2 members of SVDP available every day of the year, who respond to the daily demands of the less fortunate among us, who come to our door. who visit the church, sometimes to sleep in our church or on our property. They seek our help for housing, for food, for medicine, for help with various needs.  It is SVDP which responds and their needs are met by your contributions in the 2nd collection on last Sunday of the month.

The nameless man in today's Gospel is telling us to respond to the needs of others – they are your brothers (and your sisters), not just so we don't end up in a place of eternal torment, but because they show us the face of Christ suffering.
In many ways today: you and I could be one step away from a serious set-back: a downturn of the market, being laid lay off; a California earthquake- the Big One- predicted, or suddenly an illness.  We need to reflect: do we take seriously the message of today’s Gospel? Or the words and teachings of Christ, who said what you do or don’t do to others, you do to me.
Base what you do on seeing the Christ in others, on your outreach to the suffering Christ out there. Let’s not be overly focused on what is happening in our own lives, lest that seem to create a great chasm separating us from one another, from reaching out to others from our hearts.  Jesus urges us to stand in for Him in our modern world.  

The suffering Christ is outside the doors of this church, on your home streets, in your work areas and offices. The hurting Christ is right in your midst.  He is asking you to respond, to be aware that he hurts when you hurt, or when your sisters and brothers are hurting. Look around, you will find Him in your midst.

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