Monday, August 29, 2016

August 21, 2016

Lord, will only a few people be saved? When we think of natural disasters like the terrible flooding in Louisiana or man-made disasters - the thousands of  people fleeing their native countries to save their lives; as well as the problem of violence against police or against unarmed people of color, will only a few be saved? To these crises confronting our society many in our parish are facing serious health issues of loved ones been diagnosed with terminal illnesses, will only a few be saved Lord?
We can get overwhelmed as we think of these terrible problems. I ask you to 
mediate on the acts of goodness that you have also witnessed in the recent past. 
Think about how God has been guiding you to the narrow door.  Do you help that 
door to be open to all?  It is never closed to anyone, but the pathway is narrow, 
and some don’t want to venture down it. That’s where you and I as people of faith have a great gift to offer to others. 
You as a believer are to help others to seek the narrow door which is Christ.
This week at Kaiser there was a room filled with grieving family as they gathered 
to say good bye to a dying relative, a young male nurse said, I’d like to pray with 
all of you if I may.  He was opening the narrow way.  It only took a moment; he 
could have just kept silence.
Jana Akan left last week to join the Augustinian sisters in Racine Wisconsin, 
choosing another narrow road.
What narrow road will you choose this coming week? Please reflect on how God 
has been guiding you to the narrow door, He may be using you to invite others 

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